Shekhar Kapur and A R Rahman launch Qyuki, a Social Media Platform


Two of the most celebrated creative minds of India, Shekhar Kapur and AR Rahman launched their social media platform, Qyuki Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. Qyuki is a social media platform that aims to engage Indian youth by showcasing new media content

Shekhar Kapur, Co-Founder of Qyuki and critically acclaimed Indian Film director and producerbelieves that “at Qyuki, we are creating a world of

opportunity, where it doesn’t matter where you come from, but what matters is your creativity and the meaning one can derive from it. It’s a world where people can learn from established domain experts, showcase their creativity and connect with like-minded people. Ultimately, they have the potential to become the brands of the future. This is a hub where I will create compelling content experiences such as Warlord and Animalocity”AR Rahman, Co-Founder of Qyuki and Indian Music Icon, believes that “Qyuki will help you creatively explore yourself, open the window for creativity that exists in all corners of India and is a first step to trigger the imagination of Indian minds. Qyuki would be active and focussed in driving creative expression of all art forms. The platform will emerge as a strong medium that will enable Indian youth to follow their creative instinct. Melange, premiered at Qyuki, is content created by young musicians at K M Music Conservatory which showcases the potential of creativity in India.”

Speaking on the launch of Qyuki, Poonacha Machaiah, CEO, Qyuki said, “Technology has changed the way we communicate, learn and live. Today we have multiple ways to interact and socialise, be it one-to-one or one-to-many. The core philosophy of Qyuki is to harness this opportunity and take social expression to a different level, where we leverage the power of multimedia, collaboration and social web, to provide consumers a unique experience across the web and mobile platforms. Qyuki will build a strong creative community by offering co-creation opportunities, collaboration, recognition and a creative marketplace to the consumers.”

One of the key early investors in Qyuki is Cisco. The entire Qyuki platform is built on Cisco’s cloud infrastructure.

Hilton Romanski, Vice President, Head of Corporate Business Development, Cisco said, “Cisco has a long track record of driving IT market growth through investments. We have invested in Qyuki to co-create a technology platform that enables conceptualization of creative content, contextualising it

and delivering itthrough mobile devices and cloud. With Cisco, Qyuki has the capability to build an online human network in India.”“Brands today need to speak to the community by becoming one of them. They are looking for creative and immersive ways to reach out to the Indian consumers located across the length and breadth of India. By partnering with Qyuki, brands will be able to harness the creative community, on the mobile and web, to their advantage and communicate with them in unique and interactive ways. We have powerful brands such as Intel, Samsung, Titan and Dell who have partnered with us to reach out to the Qyuki community” said Bidisha Nagaraj, Chief Marketing Officer, Qyuki.

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