Smaat Aqua Receives The 2012 Karmaveer Chakra Award


On November 26, Smaat Aqua, a company that combines in-house Research and Development with existing technologies to provide clean water to individuals, businesses, and organizations across sectors, received the 2012 Karmaveer Chakra Award. The award came shortly after Smaat Aqua received the NABARD Award For Rural Innovation for its innovative solutions to bringing clean drinking water to rural communities that otherwise would not have access. (See article here)

Mr. Karunakar Reddy, Founder and CEO of Smaat Aqua, receiving the 2012 Karmaveer Chakra Award

For the past four years, the Karmaveer Puraskaar, National Awards for Social Justice and Citizen Action, have been awarded to individuals and businesses that display exemplary citizenship by fighting for social justice. An initiative of iCONGO, Karmaveer chooses its “Noble Laureates” based on individuals or companies that have gone beyond business as usual to be the change they want to see in the world.

Last year, Karmaveer launched the Karmaveer Chakra award, a National Medallion awarded to a business or individual that has selflessly dedicated him or herself to a cause that they feel strongly about. This year’s Karmaveer Chakra award went to Smaat Aqua for their continued efforts to provide clean drinking water to rural communities.

Founder and CEO of Smaat Aqua, Mr. Karunakar Reddy, believes this award solidifies the company’s commitment to a greater social change, and hopes to leverage the award as a way to partner with existing organizations that want to make a similar impact.

“I feel proud after winning this Medallion,” said Mr. Reddy. “We feel like a real social enterprise. This medal gives us a boost to foster sustainable growth for the rural communities. I hope to collaborate with many aspiring NGOs to bring a revolutionary impact on social business.”

Already self-proclaimed as the “highest awards winner in the field of water and environment management,” the Karmaveer Chakra award will find a welcome spot on the shelf next to the NABARD Award from just a few weeks back. Coming as yet another proud moment for the company, the honor only points to Smaat Aqua’s great achievements in the fields of water purification and social entrepreneurship.

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