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Social Story is a sister concern of YourStory that covers the social entrepreneurship sphere. Here are some of the highlights of the past from the past few days from SocialStory on what's happening in the social ecosystem:

Winners of Google's Global Impact AwardsGoogle recently launched its Global Impact Awards and gave US $23 million in grants to seven organizations using technology to address some of the world’s most pressing needs. The organizations ranged from real-time water monitoring devices to DNA barcoding techniques to protect endangered species.

Smaat Aqua adds another award to a crowded shelfSmaat Aqua applies water purification technologies to companies and individuals across sectors by combining in-house research and development with existing market technologies. They are the self-proclaimed “highest awards winner in the field of water and environment management,” and recently won the 2012 Karmaveer Chakra Award to support their claim.

Conversation with Unmesh Sheth, Founder of EkttaEktta is a company that provides an online and cloud platform for NGOs to improve their data collection and analysis efficiency. It provides easily customizable tools for field workers and management to ensure real-time, authentic, and accurate data collection, allowing these organizations to maximize the impact they have on the ground. We connected with Unmesh Sheth, Founder of Ektta, for an exclusive SocialStory interview.

Online retail company becomes the first of its kind to receive The Green Signal ecolableThe Green Signal label is the first certification of its kind in India and marks the country’s emersion into the fast expanding practice of ecolabeling, which identifies goods that have been produced through low-impact processes. The certification signifies the full transparency of carbon emissions and environmental impact from the producer, allowing consumers to make more informed decisions in the goods they choose to consume. Recently, GreenNGood.com became India’s first online retail store to receive this Green Signal ecolabel.

Does the Affordable Private School sector really make up for a lack of adequate public education?Governments around the world have proven inadequate in their ability to provide quality, free education for all of their people. The result has been an increase in both the demand for and supply of Affordable Private Schools (APS), which offer low fees to students and serve as an attractive alternative to government run schools. However, challenges still exist in the APS system, preventing them from fully bridging the gap between government schools and expensive private schools.

Climate change report causes concern over inadequate international agreements. What will the entrepreneur do?The UN Climate Change Conference in Doha has now officially concluded without any agreement on policy to regulate carbon emissions. If nothing else, the inability to reach a consensus has taught us that it will not be enough to rely on governments and diplomats to preserve the future of our environment. If this burden falls instead on the individual, what role does the entrepreneur play in leading the charge toward a cleaner economy?


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