Too many choices @GOSF? ScrapeHere launches to help you create a social collection


In business, a sector often leads to opening up of different sectors. With the turn of 2010, we had a large number of eCommerce companies coming up in India and they still do. But to support this burst in the number of eCommerce companies, there's a whole host of 'eCommerce enablers' that have grown. Apart from logistics and payments, one other segment is one which makes shopping easier.

Today,12/12/12 is the Great Online Shopping Festival from Google and a bunch of eCommerce companies have come together to encourage people to buy online. The weapon for this is surely the price point. The average Indian consumer is still not ready to put convenience as a number one priority. To help people purchase better, ScrapeHere has launched today.

What is ScrapeHere?

ScrapeHere allows you to create your personalized Social collection. Social collection contains products of your choice from different e-commerce websites.

How does it work?

1. Find items you love from different e-commerce websites and add it your Collection

2. Make your shopping experience social. Share your collection with friends, get feedback, review, rate, set your priorities for products, mark it as bought.

3. Create "price drop alert" for products available on scrapehere, Get Notified when price drops to your "Desired Price"

Scrape here is developed by Khaleel Pasha, along with two freelancers who help him with the product. Khaleel has worked with Amazon for 5 years and has been working on ScrapeHere since September 2012.

Currently Scrapehere has the capability to create 'price watch list' for 15 eCommerce companies and is looking at an affiliate model to generate revenues. Yesterday, we saw the launch of FindYogi which enables you to make a better pre-purchase decision and we also have other players like MySmartPrice and Pricebaba who're all trying to help the online buying consumer in one way or the other. The online lure is only getting stronger!

Website: ScrapeHere


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