[YS TV] Ankur Pahwa, Ankur Pahwa | Partner, Transaction Advisory Services, believes "There is still a lot of latent potential in the Indian startup ecosystem"


Ankur Pahwa, is partner at Ernst & Young, one of India's largest tax, transaction and advisory firms. Pahwa is the Head of Transaction Services at Ernst & Young. We caught up with him at the All India Management Association(AIMA) conference in Bangalore and asked him about the current trends in the Indian deals space and the startup ecosystem. Pahwa believes that there are many opportunities for early stage startups in India, but also voices the concern of lack of enough investable companies in India despite there being enough capital out there. Listen to more of what he has to say:

"Success stories like iCreate, redBus and Capillary really prove a point that there is great potential for companies that can scale well. This kind of non-linear growth capability is what investors are looking for."

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