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Astroasha, an entrepreneurial venture started by Dr. K Ramakrishnan, an electronics graduate and a two-time gold medallist in astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan is trying to bring rationality to astrology. When asked what inspired him to leave a lucrative job and venture into astrology he says, “After teaching management for 20 years, I have come to astrology with self-realization and with an intent to back to the society.” Dr. Ramakrishnan considers himself to be a social entrepreneur who hopes to help people solve their problems through astrology.Dr. Ramakrishnan credits his skills to his guru, a renowned Hindu astrologer, K N Rao. Started in 2011, Astroasha is a boot strapped venture and at wants to stay away from angel funding to prevent its commercialization. “I don’t want it to lose the meaning it was started with,” says Ramakrishnan emphatically. The site receives 200 daily hits and according to Ramakrishnan there is 5 – 10% conversion ratio. To keep it within the reach of common man, Ramakrishnan charges nominally for the services he provides which includes —matching charts for marriage, personal consultation for personal and professional problems.

Dr. Ramakrishnan, targets population in the Delhi/NCR region through advertisements in local newspapers and channels. Currently, Astroasha is a one-man team, but Ramakrishnan has plans to recruit people for handling IT and administration by mid next year. Ramakrishnan also plans to offer consultation to start-ups and corporate to help them with the recruitment process.

- Sanket Sheth


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