Bessemer Venture Partners announces ‘Business of API Hackathon’ with Twilio, SendGrid and LinkedIn


The API (Application Programming Interface) universe is huge and the number of APIs has grown rather rapidly from around 2,000 in 2010 to close to 8,000 currently. But what are APIs? In layman terms, “An API is an agreement between two people stating: ‘If you give me this instruction, I will perform this action, or return this information’.” More technically, software platforms provide APIs to developers who can use those APIs to develop applications leveraging the underlying capability of the platform to solve specific customer problems.

There has been a rise of companies which have created platforms on which other companies/developers can build applications. This creates a win-win for both the platform provider and developers. While the developer can build faster and put the application to use for the platform’s captive user base, the platform uses the bouquet of useful applications to enhance its value proposition for the end user.

In this context, Bessemer Venture Partners in partnership with Twilio, SendGrid and LinkedIn has announced the first edition of ‘Business of API Hackathon’. BVP is bringing these globally successful platforms (all of them are BVP’s portfolio companies) to India to engage with Indian developers/hackers and entrepreneurs. The hackathon presents a unique opportunity for Indian developers to leverage these platforms to build applications for customers worldwide.

Twilio, LinkedIn and SendGrid together have ~600 mashups (developer created tools with combinations of one or more APIs) out of the total 6500+ mashups indexed on Programmableweb. Key executives and developer evangelists from these companies will be in attendance at the Hackathon.

What to expect?

The hackathon will give developers an opportunity to develop applications using some of the best technologies, APIs and platforms preferred by hackers / developers world over.

Entrepreneurs can get hands-on guidance from Twilio, SendGrid and LinkedIn executives (webinars and discussion forums)

A unique opportunity to meet and work with like-minded hackers.

Last but not the least, there are great prizes on offer.

When and Where?

The event will be held between 8th-10th February at the Microsoft Accelerator, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. Doors open at 7 pm on Friday.


Please sign-up individually. You could hack in groups.

Visit the hackathon website for registration and regular updates.