Cloud Telephony Startup KooKoo's IVR Solution goes Multi-Lingual; Supports 10 Indian Languages


KooKoo's interactive voice response system (IVR) now supports over 10 Indian languages. In a blog post, the KooKoo team conveyed, " to support Indian languages at least in a limited domain, we are releasing a new tag <say-as> which provides the language packs for 10 Indian languages. Using this you can

now play dates, numbers, currencies in 10 Indian languages. The tag is intelligent enough to play the text in a grammatically correct fashion depending on the language."We got on a quick call with Chaitanya C, the founder and the Principle Architect of KooKoo on the implications of this release and future plans for his startup.

YS: Was the addition of these 10 languages driven by customer demand? 

C: Yes. Since quality of text to speech in Indian languages is not too great and since dates, numbers and currencies are the most common values played out to customers(other than names), our developers were looking for something better and easier to use and hence we built this.

YS: Does this feature open up a new customer base for you? 

C: Absolutely. Now you can play order details and when your order will be delivered in 10 languages for example. So wherever there is an IVR with a local language requirement, this now becomes an option.

YS: What are some other features that you're looking to add to KooKoo in the coming future? 

C: We are planning some cool things in 2013. Our main focus is on speech recognition, though we have not yet cracked it. KooKoo API will become a

multi channel API with other channels like email, social media, chat etc along with voice and sms which are already supported. We also have a couple of patents pending in the location space and once they go through, KooKoo will be location aware.

YS: Is there anything else that you'd like to tell our readers?

C: We built KooKoo as a cloud telephony platform and two ready to use products, BizPhone as a cloud PBX solution and Cloudagent as unified contact center solution. We are waiting for someone to build a viral mobile value added solution on KooKoo. If someone has some ideas, we would be more than happy to discuss the details and take it forward.

Visit KooKoo's Blog to know more about this new release.



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