GSF Accelerator is looking for EiRs for their next batch, but what exactly does an EiR do?

GSF Accelerator is India’s first multi-city tech start up accelerator that was started in October 2012 by Rajesh Sawhney. GSF accelerated 15 startups in its first batch that presented to more than 400 investors and concluded on a high note. The first batch of GSF had 17 EiRs (Entrepreneurs in Residence) who helped shape the program, select the startups and then work with them during the program. Nearing the launch of the second batch, GSF is looking for the next set of EiRs.

According to GSF, an EiR is:

A misfit, a rebel and a leader, who sees an opportunity for change everywhere he/she looks. An EIR is restless, looking for his/her next challenge,while engaging with the best and brightest startups in India.

For the less enthusiastic, an EiR is a person who has or hasn't had previous startup experience but is looking for exciting avenues or is in a transition space and looking for exposure, this period of 4 months can help find a direction. An EiR usually works with one startup and is almost a part of the team for the period of the accelerator. We got in conversation with Brij Bhasin to know more about the role at GSF (previous interview with EiRs, Brij Bhasin and Anjali Gupta) :

YS: How is a typical day in the life of an EiR?

BB: At GSF, the engagement starts a couple of months in advance to the program and in total, it is approximately a 4 month program. Before the program, the main role would involve sourcing deals, talking to entrepreneurs, increasing the mentor network, structuring the program and basically making things fall in place for the accelerator. The main job is to be a 'buddy mentor' to the startup and shape the path of the company.

YS: What kind of profiles do EiRs have?

BB: Diversity is the key over here. The first batch had EiRs from all possible areas one can think of. Some are in between two startups- the transition space, some are taking a break and looking for new ideas, some are making a shift from the corporate world to the startup ecosystem while some are trying to gauge the Indian landscape after a stint overseas.

YS: Is it a full time engagement? Is there a remuneration attached?

BB: Yes, EiRs are engaged full time during the program. And no, there is no salary per say but EiRs get 'sweat equity' in the companies they mentor. And this is a conscious step because equity is something we want to promote. Having a stake in these high potential companies can be a huge thing going forward.

Anyone who is interested in becoming an EiR at GSF can contact Brij Bhasin.


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