iAccelerator backed creative collaboration tool, Framebench opens up for public


Framebench is a tool for creative collaboration where in people can work together on a design. Using specific jargon, Framebench is a cloud based communication platform for storing and sharing your creative assets, allowing remote teams and clients to review and host discussions on them in real time. Under development for almost two years, Framebench has been accelerated at iAccelerator's 2nd batch last year and is now out of invite-only mode.

Founded by Rohit Agarwal and Vineet Markan, Framebench has raised money from a few angels which has helped them sustain and modulate their product as much as they can. Talking about the development perios, Rohit says, “We launched the private beta 6 months back after raising seed round of funding. We focussed on understanding the market to include the right set of features in the product for appeasing the designers. Last one year was spent in product development and feedback from beta users shows a reduction in delivery time by over 40%, which is very encouraging. Now, we are slowly shiftingthe focus on marketing and the results are amazing. We’ve seen a steep growth in the number of sign-ups lately and have close to about 1000 users who’ve tried the beta”, says Rohit.

The product is meant for anyone from a freelancer working on a project remotely to studio houses. Real time sync allows all users in the workspace to view the same portion of file, eliminating the need of any screen sharing tool. Some other nifty features include the automatic file versioning which gives you the feel of flipping over pages in a book. Framebench also comes packed with an integrated group chat which supports voice. Yes, voice. A lot of thought has gone into the product and is amazingly simple to use. Even a photoshop newbie can get a hang of it without watching those fancy videos which have become a cool thing to do.

Sample Workspace Shot

Broadly targeted for web and app designers, UI/UX designers, advertising & marketing agencies and video production houses, Framebench has a high value proposition. The product is currently available for a free one month trial post which it can be bought. The pricing has still to evolve but the premium plans are available which will let designers to do a lot more.

Give it a test drive here


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