redBus collaborates with YourStory to launch Smart Startup Traveler- Discounts on bus tickets for all startup employees

As India grows as a startup ecosystem, we need to be more collaborative to help and foster the new startups that are coming up. It is no secret that most of the startups are cash crunched in early stages and are always on the lookout out keep operations lean, financially and otherwise.

As a step in this direction, redBus in association with YourStory has announced the Smart Startup Traveler as a gesture to help startups with their travel solutions. This gets flat 5% discount to every startup employee for all their bus travels.

Says Alok Goel, Chief Products Officer for, "Lately, we have noticed a significant increase in bus travel by entrepreneurs who are focused on domestic market. Bus travel is comfortable and a great economic mode for last minute unplanned travel. With this program, we are delighted to be associated with startups many of which will become big businesses in future."

Here's, how to register:

You can register your startup for this discount via YourStory Pages at

After the registration, all employees from the start-up company can avail a 5% discount on their bus ticket bookings by using their official mail id while booking.

[Also check out this video interview from the archive with Phanindra Sama, the founder of redBus]