TekWorks aims to bring religious institutions, among many other content providers, to mobile devices


There is a common joke about the Indian business scene, where 4 things work with an Indian customer. Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket and Discount. And by the looks of it, TekWorks has taken it seriously. Having just released their content delivery platform, their first target groups are Indian religious institutions and entertainment categories and they aim to bring their content onto numerous mobile platforms.

We caught up with Amar Pratap, co-founder of TekWorks to know more about the new rich media content delivery platform -

The product

Amar Pratap - Co-Founder, TekWorks

A mobile content delivery platform is essentially a tool that takes your content, say from your website or something that you have provided and renders in a mobile friendly way across mobile platforms. TekWorks is exactly this, and it caters for most mobile platforms out there in the market.

"Our content delivery platform delivers rich media content on multiple mobile platforms. Our Platform offers- on demand videos, audios and multiple other rich content on the go. We also have content monetization platform which is core of our business. We support multiple models of monetization including subscriptions, rich media ads, video ads etc. Currently, we support most of the Smartphone’s and tablets including- Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian," said Amar.

Targeting entertainment and religious groups 

Shrikanth Joshi, Co-Founder, TekWorks

Such platforms aren't new and the space in India alone is quite dense. In such cases, creating a niche for oneself is paramount and TekWorks seems to have their eyes on the right kind of target audience. Amar said, " Our Target market for the next 1 year is Religious & Entertainment Segment. We are in dialogue with quite a few big names in Religious institutions in the last 4-6 months and have received very good feedback both in terms of the Idea and Intent of the service for their followers. As we talk to you, we have already signed up with Chinmaya Mission / Iskcon and few smaller Organizations and quite a few have shown willingness to partner with us in providing their Content on demand for their followers. We are seeing huge demand and liking on the kind of service that is provided by TekWorks."

"Going forward, primarily religious segment is something we want to grow in large numbers and keeping it as key differentiation factor from a vertical perspective. We are work in progress on Entertainment segment as well. This seems to be key segment for us from a volume play perspective. We also see opportunity in other verticals like Education and Sports, but this takes some more time to materialize in a clear way. We would like to look at it may be 2 years down the line."

Our Take 

For quite some time, mobile devices have been the preferred means of content consumption. The number of solutions that render content on mobile devices also are a lot and quite a few of them, such as mobstac, have become quite popular. Now that's where the clever choice of target audience works for TekWorks.

The religious segment has a large following. Even in the apps space, religious content has garnered a lot of downloads. With TekWorks's platform, religious institutions gets reach and consumers get access to religious content. Being at the verge of tying up with giants such as Iskcon and Chinmaya mission, TekWorks has definitely started off well. The subscribers to the fore-mentioned institutions are generally digitally savvy which again, works in the favor of TekWorks.

As a technology product, the features of TekWorks is impressive. Its rich media capabilities and compatibility with most smartphones in the market are good to have as it enhances user engagement and the ability to target multiple segments of the smartphone user market. It also provides some monetization options which are in-built into the platform, which is interesting to see as well.

Amar and his team have given themselves a time of 2 years before TekWork's content delivery platform bears fruits. Will it? If their plans are executed well, there is a good chance that it might. Let us wait and watch.



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