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Tuesday January 15, 2013,

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As the debate about Indian entrepreneurs creating global companies rages on there is no shortage of Indian entrepreneurs making every effort to reach there. Here we discuss one such attempt from a bunch of young entrepreneurs who’ve developed Touchtalent —a platform for creative people across the globe. “Touchtalent works on the philosophy that when we create, we have an inherent need to share and get appreciation and feedback. Sometimes we can even earn for our creativity which in turn motivates us to create more,” says co-founder Ankit Prasad, who is also a student at IIT-Delhi. The TouchTalent core team consists of six people, two of whom come from IIT Delhi- Akansha Gupta and Darpan Khurana. The others in the team include, Vishant Anand an NIFT student while Rahul Prasad is a computer science graduate from Sikkim University. Mohd. Wassem is the only experienced person (in conventional terms) with seven years corporate experience in consulting.


TouchTalent is an interest based social networking platform for creative people. It allows users to share their creativity and have discussions around it, get appreciated / critiqued by like minded creators and monetize creativity via the ability to be able to put up their creations for sale.

TouchTalent allows you to share your work among close friends and with other creative people/platforms across the world.TouchTalent already has 20,000 registered users and have seen better acceptance from countries like Philippines and other South East Asian countries. “Put together users have generated more than 30,000 posts and we’ve touched more than 50 lakh people (impressions)” says Ankit.

Brainchild of Ankit and Wassem, Touchtalent was incorporated in November 2011 but was opened for public beta only in June 2012. Globally, they’d be competing with the likes of Tumblr, Behance and DevianArt — all names in the online creative space. Talking about revenue streams, Ankit says, “There are multiple streams like space on the site for creative brands, sponsored visibility for the artists and a few others we’re working on.”

In the last six months that Touchtalent has been around, the growth in terms of numbers is impressive (20k registered users). Being able to monetize their creativity will surely be the biggest pull for artists even through the traffic doesn’t flow to the artist's site. Deep social integration is a necessity for such a product to go global and Touchtalent is also looking for investments to pump up their marketing activities.

Website: Touchtalent

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