"We're targeting 100k users in the next one year," Ashwini Anand of Investopresto post third funding round


Investopresto is an investment portal that helps small investors make smart investment decisions. Having started out back in 2009 in Singapore, the founder Ashwini Anand has managed to grow the company along with his 7 member team and have an office in Hyderabad, India as well. Investopresto is registered in both the countries and had previously raised an angel round of S$ 55k (Singapore Dollars) and a subsequent round of S$300k. In an annoncement today, Investopresto has raised a third round which is led by previous investors Crystal Horse Investments.


Crystal Horse Investments Pte Ltd is one of the ten approved ‘iJam Reload’ incubators in Singapore who are on the lookout for innovative, scalable, and credible startup companies to incubate through the iJam Reload incubation scheme (more info on their site). Commenting on the funding round, Ashwini Anand says, "We'll be using the funds to primarily get more traction. Currently we have about 5000 user accounts and we're targeting a 100,000 users in the next year."

Apart from the user accounts, Investorpresto has broker accounts which come from Motilal Oswal at the moment. "There are other players in the field but the space is huge! If correct revenue streams are targeted, a lot can be achieved here," believes Ashwini. Talking about the demographics, Ashwini adds, "We've got a lot of traction in Hyderabad as of now considering the fact that we're based here. The broker accounts are usually owned by the people in their 30's while the users are in their early 20's."

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