[YS TV] Infosys and Mobility with Puneet Gupta, Head of Mobile Computing Product Link


Often mistaken for being a pure services company, the $7 billion corpus Infosys has been quitely doing some cutting edge work in the space of niche and emerging technology. At the mobile India conference, we caught up with Puneet Gupta, the man behind the mobility work at Infosys. Here he speaks about the trends and emerging facets of mobility and Infosys’s stand in this viscerally growing space of mobile technology.

"Our initial approach to mobility was to individually help out businesses with difficult parts of programming. As this wasn't scalable, we build Infosys M-connect, which is a platform that will take care of 70% of app development process and help in rapid prototyping. Essentially, the philosophy is that we want businesses to do what they're good at and leave the programming parts to us."

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