[YS TV] Pravin Bhagwat, Co-founder, AirTight, on how to globally scale your business


Owing to how easy it is to use Wi-Fi is perhaps the most used type of network infrastructure in the world. With the growth of this technology, the number of people looking for loopholes in the system are even more. Providing and protecting this network infrastructure is what AirTight does very well. After having raised 3 rounds of funding and having international offices, it is safe to say that this is one of the fastest growing startups. What is even more special is that they've managed to do this in the network infrastructure space.

Here we have co-founder and CTO of AirTight, Mr. Pravin Bhagwat, speaking their journey to international acceptance and expansion.

"If you're executing a startup plan, it takes 3 times the time, 3 times the capital and 3 times the patience that you initially estimated. So be prepared for that. But if you're an aspiring entrepreneur, you must do it because only one of two things will happen. You will either hit the jackpot or you will emerge wiser from the business. Both are good. Just equip yourself with 3 times more everything for a better chance to succeed.

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