[YS TV] Raji Arasu, mother of three and CTO of StubHub on Women Entrepreneurship


Raji Arasu has been the Vice President for technology at eBay, one of the world’s largest consumer internet companies. Having spent over 10 years at the internet giant, Raji has held many technology roles and is now the CTO of StubHub, a company acquired by eBay in 2007. An awardee of the SV business journal’s prestigious Woman of influence award for 2010, Raji is also a proud mother of three.

In our meeting with her at the Grace Hopper festival, we had Raji chat with us on engineers from India, her transition from VP of technology at eBay to CTO of StubHub, current problems in the industry and eBay’s plans for India -

“I think India is a much better place for women entrepreneurs as the number of educated women coming out of colleges with STEM qualifications is still a fairly high percentage. This is a two front problem - One is the there aren’t enough women coming out of STEM systems and the other is the there aren’t enough of them at the top levels of companies. This is a problem all around the world and with India, I think the first part of the problem has been solved. So we need to just encourage more STEM education for women, more women in entrepreneurship and empower them to take these high positions in companies,” said Raji on the state of Women entrepreneurship in India.

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