[YS TV] "Women must learn to network more" - Jagruti Bhikha, Anita Borg Institute


In a society that is gradually accepting women as equal at work, the contribution of women in the field of technology cannot go without mention. Despite being far and few, women have risen to great heights in technology corporates and have made very valuable contributions to the field. Celebrating women in technology is Anita Borg Institute's Grace Hopper Celebration. It is a showcase of women in technology which aims at encouraging and empowering other women who are just starting out in the field of technology through examples set by eminent women personalities in the field.

The force behind this impactful event is Jagruti Bhikha, a veteran software engineer from Silicon Valley, who has now dedicated her work towards empowering women in technology through the Anita Borg Institute. We caught up with her at the Grace Hopper Celebration, where she shared her interesting journey from being a leading software engineering to dedicating herself to the mission of empowerment of women in technology -

"The one thing that I'd like to tell women today is, Network. Networking is something that Indian women tend not to do because they have so many other things to take care of. But learn to network, put yourself out there and be recognized. Socialize with like minded people. I think this is very important."

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