Bangalore based Design professionals launch 'Collaborative Community' to provide creative services

Bangalore based Design professionals launch 'Collaborative Community' to provide creative services

Wednesday February 27, 2013,

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The design community in India is a rather fragmented one (perhaps like the techie community) and there is a need to bring creative professionals from different backgrounds under one roof, believes a group of six based in Bangalore. It is their endeavour to create a community of design professionals in India and hence have launched Collaborative Community(CC). Achyutha Sharma, Raahul Khadaliya, Shwetha Shettar, Shayak Sen, Nikhil Baveja and Sartaj Anand all have had a rich background in design and have executed projects in across the country.

CC will provide marketing, branding, communication and design creative services to social sector organizations and impact startups. What does impact mean? “There are many startups in India but most of them don’t make an impact - be it financial, social, cultural or ecological. We want every startup to be aware of this fact and bring this thought process into the picture,” says Achyutha.

Shweta and Achyutha at a project undertaken by CC

Although based in Bangalore, CC will undertake projects across the nation. CC has three offerings: the normal CC, CC+ and UX Edge (in the pipeline). CC will provide strategy, design and services to startups. If a startup opts for CC+, they get additional access to assistance in accounts. legal, office and furniture design. CC has tied up with other service providers to make all services available and will be offering a discount of 10-50% to the social organizations and startups working with them.

Achyuta Sharma
Achyutha Sharma

The core team of six members will drive the organization, anchor projects and spear head initiatives. The collaborators are creative professionals from diverse backgrounds who will work on part – time basis on projects under Collaborative Community. Every year, core team members can nominate 1 to 3 collaborators to become part of the core team based on the year’s assessment in contribution, commitment to projects and the organization. “This allows CC to grow organically based on the revenues and expand the team democratically as a community,” says Achyutha.

The target audience for CC is early stage startups and social startups (NGO’s, non-profit organizations, for profit with social impact, etc). Going forward, CC will be launching the UX Edge wherein it’ll be training UX designers to become industry ready.

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