Announcing CloudMunch's "101 Cool Startup Developer Program" to offer free cloud infrastructure


CloudMunch is collaborating with YourStory to provide 101 startups free cloud infrastructure for 4 months...

CloudMunch, a PaaS offering that helps build web applications, today announced that it will offer four months of CloudMunch as a free service and a free AWS server to 101 startups. In addition, the company will also provide free implementation and consulting to each startup to implement a world class cloud development and hosting infrastructure.

So, what is the 101 Cool Startup Developer?

The first 101 startups to register (any company that has under $2 million in annual revenue) will get four months of free CloudMunch platform and four months of a small AWS Server for the first year.

What exactly is CloudMunch?

CloudMunch makes code delivery easy and fast in the cloud. Developers can continue to use tools they are familiar with and just push code to CloudMunch to do continuous integration test deploy and run in the cloud, with just a single click. Each startup will receive expert guidance on cloud development & hosting best practices as well a free implementation from CloudMunch experts.

Pradeep Prabhu, cofounder & CEO of CloudMunch says they want to turbocharge startups to deliver better software faster in the cloud. YourStory is partnering CloudMunch to help them reach out to startups who would like to have a first-hand experience of the cloud platform.

This program will provide startups with world class cloud development and hosting so that they don’t have to worry about tools, infrastructure and operations, freeing them to focus on their product and customers. “We are providing a painless way for startups to get to market faster, improve quality while saving precious money,” says Pradeep.

To register for this deal:

If you already have a YourStory Page, click here to claim the offer.

If you are not, click here to register your startup, and then you can claim the offer.

More on CloudMunch:

CloudMunch was one of the eight global startups that was selected to publicly launch on Nov 28, 2012 at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) global customer conference in Las Vegas. Also watch this video interview with Prasanna Raghavendra, CTO, CloudMunch.


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