EasyFix – a one point solution for your household problems

Shaifali Agarwal

Finding a reliable plumber who can plug that leak in time or fix a busted geyser can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to find them. And Shaifali Agarwal of EasyFix is all too familiar with the situation. So one day Shaifali thought to herself, “If there could be a cab on call then why not carpenters or plumbers,” and rest as they say is history.

EasyFix was nurtured out of personal needs of Shaifali, who had lost a substantial amount of her personal time waiting for technicians to fix her household problems. As a working woman, who wanted to ensure that finding technicians for household work is not tough, Shaifali started thinking of EasyFix in March 2011 and a few months later started EasyFix.

EasyFix is a one point solution for all the electrical, plumbing or carpentry requirements of customers. And according to Shaifali, the services they offer are professional and at a competitive pricing. Shaifali understands the price sensitivity of the Indian market and therefore has priced their services very competitively.

The technicians at EasyFix undergo a verification process before they are affiliated with the company. For customers who want to avail their service, they can either book for the service online or call 01144838888 any day from 9AM to 9PM and based on their requirement a technician would be assigned to them.

Shaifali believes “a huge market exists for such services.” As a two year old company, EasyFix has already more than 500 servicemen and 34 people managing different departments of the company. This includes call centers, collections, network executives, marketing managers among others. The service men are employed on freelance basis and they are open to other projects outside EasyFix. This affiliate model sometimes brings challenges in terms of professionalism. Shaifali shares how her company battles such situation. “To maintain quality of services and consistency, we provide regular behavioral and technical trainings to all our employees. Where behavioral trainings focus on the basic mannerisms (how to greet, follow the process etc) the technical trainings focus on how to fix customer problems efficiently and accurately. I believe trainings are necessary but not sufficient for maintaining consistency in excellent services”.

Within the short span of time that EasyFix has been operational it has expanded in terms of customer acquisition and service expansion. From three calls per day when they began, they now handle close to 100 calls per day. Their bouquet now includes individual customers to hospitals, builders and large organization.

EasyFix’s services are currently limited to Delhi but they have plans to expand their operations to other cities as well. On the service Besides solving customer problem, Shaifali also wants to provide more employment to technicians. “We want to start going directly to places in India where employment is low and hire people directly, train them and employ them. It will be great to achieve a scale where we are able to make a significant difference to the lives of people by providing them opportunities for learning and growth,” says Shaifali.

Before she turned entrepreneur, Shaifali worked with Jagran Solutions. She co-founded EasyFix with Sundeep Haloni who is an investor and director in the company. Sundeep is also the co-founder of ChannelPlay, a leading retail marketing service company divides his time helping manage ChannelPlay and EasyFix.

Website: EasyFix