Freshdesk goes the extra mile with Freemium; Launches 'Forever Free' Plan


Freshdesk, one of the 'fresher' product success story coming from India is a customer support platform that can be used by companies of all sizes to structure their support. Freshdesk raised its Series B round from Tiger Global Management and Accel Partners in April last year and in an announcement today, has gone full-on with freemium.

The launch of a new “Forever Free” plan has been targeted towards small business and startups. We got in touch with the founder, Girish Mathrubootham to learn more:

YS: What was the main motive behind adding this pricing tire?

From a lot of small businesses that we talk to every day, we see most of them still struggling with chaotic email based support tools. But there are 2 reasons why small businesses don't move on to a more proactive approach in their support. First, it is very difficult to justify the cost of investments in customer support before you have a benchmark to compare the gains by.

Second, most SMBs don't readily realize the benefits of a good support software before they experience it (a classic relevance paradox). So that was the main idea behind this new pricing tier- to help businesses ease into a powerful support environment before they can then move into next generation customer support, through social media and communities.

YS: How has the pricing as a whole evolved for Freshdesk?

Our pricing has always been centered on doing what's right for the customer. We were always the most competitively priced player in the market, packing each of our plans with everything the customer would need at that level.

Last year we made the first agent across all our plans free forever. This was great in bringing SMBs and freelancers to try Freshdesk. The problem was as we built more features and capabilities (we launched gamification capabilities last September, and are still the only gamified helpdesk solution in our space), we realized that the small business was not really able to make use of the advanced capabilities we were giving them.

After all, for a company struggling to make sense of their emails, social support is a tough dream! So that's how we decided to create a new tier, offering 3 full time support reps free forever.

With more than 3500 customers across the globe, Freshdesk has innovated continuously to remain ahead of the curve. Even the way they have named their price plans evokes a curious response from users.

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