How Mahakumbh 2013 Looks in Numbers


Mahakumbh 2013 is expected to see 80 million visitors from across the world. The ‘World’s largest congregation of pilgrims’ is considered one of the most religious events that many Indians consider a must visit. The Mahakumbh has a few selective days when taking a dip in the holy Ganges is considered to be purifying and has a great spiritual significance attached to it. Today is the third such day at this year’s Mahakumbh.

Today is Maghi Purnima, also known as Maha Maghi, another auspicious day for Hindu devotees to take the holy dip in the Ganga. Purnima is considered significant in terms of spiritual practice and performing religious rituals or holy dip in holy waters is one such. YourStory in partnership with HolidayIQ, a travel information portal looked at some traffic that the travel site got this year during the Mahakumbh. This data and information are based on the reviews generated on HolidayIQ website. Here is a snapshot of the traffic that the site received since the beginning of this religious spectable.


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