Mumbai based startup PriceBaba releases India Android Report- "Android grows 500% over last year"


PriceBaba is a location based search engine helping real world shoppers search prices in their vicinity. Based out of Mumbai, PriceBaba recently raised their seed round from five angel investors. Dealing with mobiles, PriceBaba studies user trends as a result of which they've released an India Android Report.

Methodology as reported on the blog:

In a bid to better understand Android consumption In India, we reached out to several popular app developers. We complied data of close to 1.3 million app downloads from India seen by 10 app developers. These apps range from transactional ones like PayTM & Cleartrip to lifestyle ones like Zomato & Gaana.

Android has grown over 500% in India according to the report and here are the key takeaways:

Breakup of Android versions active in India:

Gingerbread is the clear winner over here but trends show that Ice Cream Sandwich will overtake Gingerbread in the coming months. Here is the comparison with Global averages:

Key figures:

1. Transactional apps see lot of Gingerbread users, whereas Lifestyle / Gaming apps see a higher percentage of ICS users

2. Tablets saw greater use of Ice Cream Sandwich, with HoneyComb (Android 3.0) totaling only 0.27%

3. Donut, Éclair and Froyo totaled less than 2.5%. Many app makers have discontinued support for these versions

4. The Samsung Galaxy series phones and tablets (notably the Tab 2 GT-P3100) dominates Android consumption In India

A look at Android in terms of availability:

In 109 Android devices that PriceBaba has In Stock, 45 run on Ice Cream Sandwich and 59 run Gingerbread. Local brands, Micromax and Karbonn have 29 devices on sale between them, most of them running Gingerbread.


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