Pune based Webwingz launches Billbooks- an invoicing software


Sagar Kogekar is one of those guys who longs for Mondays instead of Fridays. A complete startup guy at soul, he founded his first company at the age of 18, Webwingz under which he has launched various offerings; the latest being Billbooks.

Sagar Kogekar, Founder & CEO, WebWingz (and a strummer)

Billbooks is an online billing, invoicing software for freelancers, businesses personals and service providers. It aims at providing economical value to online invoicing and estimation. The USP of Billbooks is their pricing model according to Sagar. It is a pay as you use application, which suits freelancers and small scale organizations. The customers can pay for each invoice used instead on a per month basis. Sagar recalls “Billbooks was something we wanted to do since the last 7 years. In spite of the competition in the market, we never gave up for we knew we had something special and unique that none of our competitors had.”

After struggling with the initial product design of Billbooks, Sagar and his team designed it themselves. “We tried to outsource the work to more than 5 teams (freelancers and companies) to achieve our objective, but either some stopped their businesses, some ran away for no reason, some proved to be incapable.” Sagar handles the user experience, third party tie ups and new functionalities while the core team from Webwingz looks after the other aspects.

Sagar’s stint with computers started in 1996 with a Pentium 1 processor computer. He considers himself lucky to witness the evolution of internet and computers over the last 15 years. He started out with freelancing and his work was appreciated which in turn fetched him some global offers. With time, the part time work molded into a company, Webwingz. “I was extremely fortunate to have a great team to support my aims and objectives from early stages of business and I had complete faith and confidence that they will always be there with me in good and bad times,” says Sagar. He graduated with a B.com degree in Advanced diploma in Multimedia from Aptech followed by a eCommerce specialization from Symbiosis ad then MBA in Advertising and Communications from Symbiosis.

Under the parent company Webwingz, Sagar’s vision is to take Billbooks to every person who is selling any product or service in the world. “We see a huge potential and growth in the coming years.” For now, they have clients in UK, US and to cater a larger audience they have started Billbooks in Spanish, German, French and Dutch too.

Website: BillBooks


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