Worried about server side coding for your mobile apps? Ofabee can help you out


Contrary to what you might think, building a quality app isn't a one man job. There is a multi-disciplinary team that is involved in the whole application development platform, taking care of various design and programming aspects of the app. For those who have specifically undergone training for app development, server side coding is often a difficulty. This difficulty increases with the complexity of the app; games, chat, video streaming etc are exotic apps that everyone wants to build, but the coding these games isn't something that everyone can do.

Lets put it in lay man's terms. You're playing a game of chess on yours smartphone with someone sitting many miles away from you - your move has so somehow magically appear on the other persons phone as well. The magic that makes that happen is the server side coding. And like magic, its not something that everyone knows, let alone can do well.

Addressing this problem, is Ofabee, is a software development kit which, put simply, takes care of the server side coding for complex apps. Now all a developer needs to worry about is on the idea and front end coding, and Ofabee, once customized and configured, will take care of of the server side coding for the app.

Solving a common problem 

Aiyyapan Asokan is the CEO of Enfin Technologies, which has made Ofabee. When we spoke to him, he said, "We have run a services

Aiyyapan, Co-Founder and CEO of Enfin Technologies

company out of Bangalore and we know the complexities in building an app. When we spoke with other developers in this space, we understood that most people faced a problem with server side coding. That's where the idea Ofabee comes from." Enfin Technologies is a part of the iAccelerator batch that just passed out and Aiyyapan revealed that most of their efforts right now are into building the Ofabee SDK and building a community around it.

With Ofabee, developers working on say, a game, can concentrate more on illustrations, front end design and coding and spend lesser time with the server side coding. Just to put it in perspective, a tool like Ofabee would reduce coding time to say 1 month which would have taken 3 months otherwise.

Will it replace the server side coder? 

Not really. There hasn't been an SDK in the past, which has replaced coders of any kind. Furthermore, solutions such as Ofabee already exist. Having said that, these solutions will accelerate the coding process by quite a bit.

Who will use it? 

Most established players already have their propriety tools, that they use to accelerate their server side coding process with. Large game studios, which make many games a year, have their propriety tools as well. Same goes with large enterprises as well.

Individual developers and startups will benefit from this product. The product is still in its Beta and information on its pricing isn't available yet, which will be critical for its adoption.

Why will they use it? 

With so many similar solutions available, some of them free as well, the real differentiation for Ofabee will be in the features that it

provides. These features will justify the cost. A good customer support system around the product will be another differentiation that Ofabee can benefit from.As of now, Ofabee boasts of a good list of features. The SDK is available for free as of now, so if you're a developer, you should give it a spin.

Coming from a software services stable, Ofabee has done well enough to be identified by iAccelerator and has also received the ET power of ideas award. Will this translate into a popular developer tool? Lets wait and see.

Are you an app developer? Check out Ofabee and tell us what you think.