[YS TV] Mark Friess, CEO of Welvu is Working to Disrupt How Healthcare Information is Delivered


Dedicated to bringing big ideas and wellness to the world through global health, Mark Friess speaks on his new venture, WelVU, and the growing use of mobile phones to deliver healthcare information. Friess explains, “WelVU is working towards building a patient engagement platform that will solve the global healthcare information gap that causes 20 million deaths every year.” WelVU wants to provide information to individuals in developing and developed countries that will allow them to make better decisions about healthcare.

Friess adds, “India has really leapfrogged and skipped an entire generation of landline connections for phones, internet connections, and gone 100% mobile driven and cell tower driven. The ability to make that leap I think means there will be reverse innovation and things that we will learn in the United States and in other developed countries from what India is doing ahead.”


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