5 clinchers to get freshers into your startup


Running a startup is like an obstacle course; there are multiple hurdles to negotiate along the way.

And one of the toughest hurdles to negotiate is hiring.

Building an initial team that’ll propel the company ahead is tough. Many founders do not consider freshers, as they are looking for prior experience so that they possess one skill set at the least. But the right fresher can do wonders for your startup.

What can you do to attract the right kind of freshers? Here are some key points you need to emphasize as founder to lure in a fresher:

1) Flexibility: This is probably the biggest trump card you have as a founder. Freshers are largely independent and look for challenges. ‘Flexibility’ is something they’d join you for, flexibility in terms of timings, attire, etc. Obviously, in return for commitment to work.

2) Responsibility: Corporates may look upon freshers as clay which needs to be moulded over a (long) period of time, people who are not yet ready to carry weight and who cannot make a difference in the grander scheme of things.

In case of startups, this isn’t the case.

Each and every person has a responsibility which if not shouldered, shows! And freshers can again, do anything for this (more so if they’ve spent a few months in a corporate).

3) Pay: You may not be able to compete with the real biggies, but many startups pay equal or sometimes more than the big recruiters. This is not a very strong point but if you show the right stats, it works in a startup’s favour.

4) Fun Quotient: This can be coupled with the pay. Even if the pay is less, the amount of fun a candidate would have far overshadows the perks of a corporate. A startup works as a family, every member is special and each occasion is celebrated with childlike fervor. Emphasize this.

5) Growth potential: There are appraisals and checks at a fixed period in corporates and there’s only as much you can do. There is a not a lot one can do unless he or she spends a considerable amount of time in a mammoth corporation.

In a startup, it totally depends on the candidate. One can become a head of a vertical and have 100 people to manage in a year, This is another great trump card to play when hiring a fresher, even the sky is not the limit!

These are the 5 points which will surely tilt the candidate in your favour and if it doesn't, well the person in question isn't startup material, so just move on.

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