6 Promising Big Data Indian startups present to Amr Awadallah, CTO, Cloudera

Dr. Amr presenting to the audience at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore (Big Data Big Questions)

Data is the new gold. And the multitude of ways in which world collects data and how it can be used to draw meaningful inferences has evolved tremendously. As a result of this data deluge, the term big data was coined. ‘Big data’ is a buzz word but the buzz is validated due to the infinite possibilities it holds. And right in the middle of this furor is Cloudera Inc, a US based leader on big data management.

Top engineers from Google, Yahoo! and Facebook teamed with an Oracle executive to launch Cloudera in 2009. Now, Cloudera is a leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services and offers a powerful data platform that enables enterprises and organizations to look at all their data — structured and unstructured — and ask bigger questions. Cloudera received its first round of funding worth $5 million from Accel Partners and then raised its next round of funds to bring the total to $140 million ( from Ignition Partners, Greylock Partners, Meritech Capital Partners, and In-Q-Tel apart from Accel) Some of the clients that Cloudera caters to include eBay, Dell Secureworks, Nokia and NetApp among others.

Co-founder and CTO of Cloudera, Amr Awadallah was in India and YourStory.in had the pleasure of hosting him along with Accel Partners India. In the three-hour session held this morning at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, Amr decoded big data and the opportunity that it presents for Indian companies. Six Indian companies who are already doing good work in the area of big data also presented at the event.

The six companies that presented at the event are:

Bizosys Technologies: Bizosys provides IT solutions for clients and uses big data to solve scale and performance challenges. This Bangalore-based software engineering company has developed several tools that are available free to use online or as open-source software with downloadable source code. (Read their story)

Data Weave: DataWeave helps users discover, monitor and visualize public data on the Web in a uniform format through data APIs, dashboards and visualizations. (Read their story)

Formcept : Formcept is an effort to make content analysis accessible to everyone, be it an enterprise, an individual or a device. Formcept has products that are available both as Software as a Service (SaaS) and as installable products. (This is an example of how Formcept enables this)

Frrole (CIAFO): Frrole is a social newspaper built on top of Twitter. Frrole analyzes Twitter data city by city, filtering out 'noise' and pulling out 'information'. It currently covers 50+ cities in five countries. Using 10+ million tweets from these cities, Frrole creates a 'by the people, about the people' newspaper for each city, country and the world. (Read their story)

PromptCloud:  PromptCloud is a Bangalore-based firm dealing with large-scale data crawling and cloud computing solutions. They work with clients from domains like travel, finance, healthcare, marketing, analytics and more. DaaS (Data as a Service) is the model they use to serve clients. (Read their story)

Insieve: Insieve is an intelligent information sharing network. It has a product called Pugmarks that learns about the user from what their friends share. For instance, when you share information about car racing with say, Tom, Pugmarks learns that Tom likes car racing. The next time any of Tom's friends read something on car racing, Pugmarks will remind them about Tom. (read more about them)

After a five-minute presentation by each company, they were allowed to get feedback and ask questions to Cloudera for another three minutes.


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