[Sponsored Post] Starting up? Need Shared Office Space? Mumbai based FirstOffice has Attractive Offers


In the financially constrained times of starting up, many necessary things aren’t affordable. A roof to work under, uninterrupted power supply and a decent internet connection, are the most essential things to have and also the most difficult to attain in the time of starting up.

Mumbai based FirstOffice, has started a shared office space venture, which brings these basic necessities to an entrepreneur at a nominal price. We got in touch with Bhavesh Shah, the founder of this venture, to learn more about FirsOffice.

What’s on offer?

Bhavesh revealed that every customer of FirstOffice’s office space in the Goregaon area of Mumbai will get a workstation, unlimited wifi and unlimited tea and coffee (handmade one’s he added). Customers who opt in for the higher price plans also get an office boy, a receptionist, IT support, recruitment support and many such features.

It all started when he wanted to make best use of spare space that he had. He says, “This is, as of now a side business for me and I just wanted to make the best use of this. But in this process I’m also able to solve a very pertinent problem for the entrepreneur who’s just starting out.”

Bhavesh also said that he enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and this venture allows him to do so.

Who is this for?

Bhavesh shared that he’s currently giving out the space for startups, single entrepreneurs and freelancers. However, in the time to come, Bhavesh hopes to make this facility available for another set of audience -

Corporates will be an interesting customer to serve in the coming future. As cities get more crowded, reaching to corporate offices which are usually in the outskirts of the city is going to become a problem. If we can provide good facilities in the heart of the city, I think it will benefit them a lot,” said Bhavesh.

He revealed that they are already in talks with overseas firms which are looking to outsource their space requirements to FirstOffice, so as to not go through the troubles of bringing an Indian team to their country. “We will manage office requirements for them,” said Bhavesh

Is this a viable business?

FirstOffice seemed like a very linear returns business to us, but Bhavesh disagrees. He says, “If you have access to capital and space in the city, this is a very scalable business. More than the space, most people don’t mind paying a little extra for the services that we provide and I believe that it sets us apart from others in the space.”

Currently, the Goregaon space has a capacity of 15, of which 10 are already filled . He says, “At one point we had the whole space full. But the team didn’t need the space once their project completed.”

If you’re looking for a space to work out of at an affordable price in Mumbai, get in touch with them here.