[App Fridays] Sequential Memory Game - A simple and addicting game that can be a lot more


The most popular apps on any smartphone platform are usually very simple ones, where the function of the app is well defined and you know what you’re going to use the app for. Games are the highest grossers on smartphone app stores and the top of the charts are again the simple ones. While many would

quote game like Angry Birds as an example, there are games from back home like Balloon Bow and Arrow that have done very well on the Android app store.Today’s app friday is a simple game, which will do your memory a world of good and is incredibly addictive, once you know how to play it that is. Read the full review to know more.

What is it about?

You are presented with 5 coloured tiles and the game prompts you to choose one. You do so. Once you have select a coloured tile from the first set the game shows another colour set. So you choose the colour you had chosen in the previous set and a new one from the current one. In the next set you have to choose the colour you chose in the first set, the second set and now a new one in the third set and so you go on. Watch this video -

The game continues as long as you get the sequence of colours right. The first time you get it wrong, you lose a life and the second time you default, the game ends. And that pretty much sums up the app.

Addicting and beneficial

This game is a brain teaser and historically, brain teasers haven’t appealed to all users. But this one is an exception. Once you figure out how to play this game, it is one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played on a smartphone. Though I can’t quantify the effect it had on my memory, it definitely gives

you a happy and spent feeling once you’re done playing it.It is not often that something that is beneficial is also addicting and Sequential Memory has achieved this rarity.

Pros and Cons

The app is built on a solid foundation of fun and benefit, which really is its only and most important pro. One could spend hours on this app, playing away, trying to get the sequence right and at the same time, giving your brain a good workout.

But the app does have its cons. It’s a bare minimum app, which needs some work before it can take on the world. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Instructions - The app needs better instructions. While the video illustrates gameplay very effectively, it can definitely do with some kind of interactive screenshots which would provide a step-by-step instruction to a first time user.

2) Leaderboards, Social integration - A global leaderboard would be good to have, which would aggregate top scores from everyone playing the app. Also, sharing the high scores on social networks would be a cool thing.

3) User prompts - A small notification, prompting the user to play the app wouldn’t hurt. Something like “brain workout time!” on the notification bar, displayed once a day, would ensure a large number of users come back to the game everyday.

Last wordsI think this is a really good game. The whole benefit and fun mix is good to have. The app makers can totally spin an “increase your memory” marketing angle around this app. The ad support that the app has is one way to monetize it, but with more features on the app I think users wouldn’t mind paying for a paid version of the app.

The app is only available for Android. Ideally the app should be on more platforms for the ad revenue to be substantial. Overall, this app has the potential to be a real grosser. The app comes from a student in BITS Pilani. Kudos to you. Add some tweaks and features to the game and it has the potential to be an epic win.

Give your brain a workout with the Sequential Memory game


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