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With the young rests the future… their eyes will see the new world …and their stories will fill pages. YourStory’s youngest vertical StudentStory is back with a bang! StudentStory will bring to you stories about Students and various aspects of their lives. What makes them laugh, what makes happy, what motivates them, how they motivate others, what they want from the world and what they can give to the world. We will bring all that to you and lots more.

If you have an interesting story about the youth, about students from anywhere in the country, let us know. Because we want to write your story! Send in your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, inspirations, quirks and anything else to and Let’s join hands to tell stories and motivate all the youngsters in the youngest democracy in the world.

To begin, here’s an inspiring story about two young kids, who are more than just kids.

Meet The Kumarans :


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