Learn About Investing While In School, Courtesy Investor School


More often than not, entrepreneurship is about following passion. And for Sunil Shevante, a computer engineer graduate, who worked briefly with Infosys, Investor School was about pursing his teenage passion. Investor School teaches youth fresh out of college campus to jobs how to invest and create a value for the future. The startup designs e-learning course in the field of personal finance.

Started in June 2012, Investor School has designed an e-learning courses that simply equity, insurance and loans investments. “The feature that differentiate us from other players in the market is that our course explains step-by-step the investment strategies and how to pick up stocks. The essence and value of our course lies in teaching long term strategies and essential components of stock picking rather than theoretical concepts,” explains Sunil.

Sunil also thinks their course fee, viz. Rs. 5000 is very less compared to the value they provide.

Investor School differentiates itself from others through its accreditations, like the one it has obtained from National Stock Exchange. People who complete the Investor School course on investment receive a certificate from Investor School, which makes the learning more valuable compared to other courses offered in the market. Sunil also delivers lectures by conducting seminars and workshops.

Operating from Mumbai, Investor School is a one man venture and Sunil has been involved in designing the site as well as creating the course content. Sunil is targeting college students to enrol for his e-learning course. “Today the youth needs guidance on their investment decisions. What is the right policy or which is the right stock for investing are some things we tackle in our course,” says Sunil. To reach these youngsters, Sunil advertises on Google, Facebook and sites like BookmyTrainings and LurnQ which can help tap the potential audience.

A bootstrapped venture, Sunil says that initial investment was around Rs 3 lakhs which included advertising and operating costs for few months. Sunil also does not charge for the investment advice he provides and hopes to get more customers for his e-learning course. Sunil says he will profitable soon and is on the lookout for angel investment for expansion.

Check out the site, http://www.investorschoolindia.com