Moolya to provide complimentary testing services to selected startups through YS Pages

At Moolya, we treat testing as much more than just identifying software bugs. We test if the product you are building is consistent to the goals you have, the purpose of why it is being built, the market it is supposed to cater, how your competitors fare, the sales target you have in mind versus what the software can deliver and much more - including of course, the bugs that the software has. We also help investors to evaluate the worthiness of their investment into tech companies. As a pioneer in this space and the only company with these offerings, Moolya has a clear, differentiated value proposition.  We are delighted to offer these pioneering services absolutely free of cost to selected startups, through our partnership with YourStory.

Moolya has been in existence for slightly over 2 years now and has helped large companies increase their sales and downloads of their apps and products. A lot of our testing does involve finding bugs but how we do that and what we do after we find those bugs is what gives Moolya its special status. Moolya came to the business to change the world. Making money, for us, has just been a by-product of changing the world. Moolya’s customers include a wide spectrum of companies – from NDTV, Flipkart and other large Indian companies to the world’s largest retail & e-commerce companies and from a US based large media house to a startup run by an Oscar Award Winner!

The partnership between YourStory and Moolya

In the early days, when Moolya was a small sapling emerging from the ground, we planned to work extensively with startups because we understand the problems of our fellow saplings. We know the struggle it takes to become successful. Many startups we talked to did not have the budgets or the awareness to bring in the kind of services that we offer.

We now have enough good business to pay it forward and help these other startups by making our services complimentary for a select few. YourStory is a huge proponent of the entrepreneurial ecosystem that promotes startups and creates awareness. This made YourStory the ideal outreach partner for Moolya in our mission to partner with genuine companies and change the world.

Value for startups

If you are building a mobile app, you may go in for an emulator and make the app live if it works there or perhaps on a couple of other devices? At Moolya, we have a dedicated lab called Mobile Colosseum to cater to mobile testing needs with all the latest and high selling mobile phones and tablets that your product will be tested on.

If you are building a web/ cloud application that has to cater to customers worldwide, you need cross-browser, cross-platform testing and much more. We have a browser lab to cater to such needs so that your product will undergo a series of tests across browsers and platforms.

If you are building a desktop application, we have Macs, Ubuntu and Windows to test the application on.

And we won’t be charging you anything extra to harness the value of any of these services!

Well, here is the surprise element; if you thought that the above was value - it is not; it is just infrastructure. The real value is delivered by our testers who will collaborate with you on your goals and help you do things that can make you stay ahead of any competition that you may have.

How does Moolya benefit from this?

Moolya is right now a growing but already formidable army of over 53 highly skilled testers. Like every startup, we are trying to solve the scale problem in our own style. We need to grow further to become a large army that can defeat fake armies to make the world a better place for growing awesome businesses! The startup test lab emerged out of the Moolya Academy that aims at creating the world’s best testers by giving our new recruits (including experienced testers) hands-on practice before they get on to paid projects.

Moolya will provide complimentary testing services to selected startups for a period of 3 - 6 months (or an extended duration based on the needs) with our new recruits, who will work under the supervision, coaching and mentoring of our Master Shifu, Parimala and other awesome testers.

How to avail this amazing offer?

We have set the following pre-requisites for the startups that want to avail our services:

  • You want to change the world with your product
  • You are bootstrapped
  • You are building a product on web / mobile / desktop
  • You are a small group (less than 5 developers)
  • You are full time into the startup

To avail the offer, your startup must be registered on YouStory Pages – India’s premier user-editable database of the coolest startups. If your company is not yet registered, do it right now. Then, just fill out and submit the form below with a few simple details about your company.

Register for Moolya’s complimentary testing services.

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