Unglamorous but effective; Pune based Qualitia Software helps Quality Assurance teams go scriptless


“Million downloads, baby!” exclaims an enthusiastic entrepreneur to a VC.

“How much money does that translate to?” asks the VC.

“Well, we are aiming for aggressive growth before monetization...”

And the conversation ends there.

Glamorous they are, but consumer startups need traction and stickiness before they can actually talk about having built a ‘business’.

In contrast, many enterprise products make money without a huge buzz factor. (2013 can be the year of enterprise products)

(L to R) Rahul Chaudhari, Kedar Joshi, Rajmeet Chhabda, Sudhir Patil

A case in point here is Qualitia Software. It is a scriptless test automation platform that claims a 5X improvement in productivity and reliability of test automation. They currently target companies with a turnover between $50-$500 million. Qualitia works towards changing how a 'Quality Assurance' (QA) team works in IT companies. The problem with most of the companies is that any piece of code has to be tested multiple times and this is a tedious process and a kind of job that most of the software engineers avoid because it distances them from the actual development process. And Qualitia comes in over here with a product that automates testing.

Qualitia was founded by Rahul Chaudhari, Kedar Joshi, Rajmeet Chhabda, Sudhir Patil and Ravi Nukala who have all worked with IT companies and are deeply entrenched with the ways in which they work. Rahul is the MD and CEO and previously was with ZenSOFT services which got acquired and Rahul now serves on the advisory board. Sudhir, Kedar and Rajmeet are directors and the four of them form the core founding team.

Having been in the industry, smelling an opportunity with testing, they launched Qualitia software in 2010. While testing services were the initial cash cow, Qualitia invested close to a million dollars to develop the product.

Qualitia is a 38 person strong team based out of Kothrud in Pune, and has 25 customers: PTC is their biggest client; ZenSar, KPIT, Pitney Bowse, Bombay Stock Exchange are some of the others.

But starting up is never a joyride. During Qualitia’s early days, the core team made a list of potential customers and had a hard time to convert initially. Out of the 15 odd companies they had listed, they were able to convince PTC which has proved to be the biggest client for them.

The product comes in two flavors: Qualitia Core and Qualitia Enterprise. They charge on a per user basis with either a limited license or a perpetual one.

The founders feel that the enterprise market is ripe, and with investments, they can scale aggressively and set up offices in other cities. Qualitia is looking for interested investors as well.

Website: Qualitia Software


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