The Awesome Startup Employee - Tapas Sarkar,


As a part of our ‘Awesome Startup Employee Series', today we profile Tapas Sarkar, the sales lead of Selling for a funded company is a huge responsibility and Tapas knows it best...

Tapas Sarkar

An MBA from ICFAI- Dehradun, Tapas worked with IndiaMart for 4 years. Being posted across different parts of the country in his sales job, made sure Tapas had a lot of on job training and that led to his transformation as a hard core sales guy.When he was looking for a job change, Tapas zeroed in on the real estate space, as he was aware of the inefficiencies in the area from his experience of working for another B2B portal. He worked with B2B firm for 2 years but the urge to be part of a more dynamic and young atmosphere was always at the back of his head. And when he heard of the opportunity at he immediately liked what this young team was doing. Founded by a group of IIT Bombay alumni, lets people in Mumbai look for houses on rent or on sale (complete story of Housing).

Tapas’ responsibilities as the Sales lead is to build the sales team and get more brokers onto the platform. When Tapas joined the sales team few months ago, they were only 10 people which has now grown rapidly into a strong team (mainly due to the consecutive funding rounds). Tapas takes care of the entire sales vertical and is responsible for hiring, training new people and keeping a track of his teams’ growth.

Housing office

He works almost 24*7 and when we asked Tapas why he choose a startup over a bigger corporate? “Start up over a corporate was simple because of my vision of fast paced growth and do something that truly disrupts the industry. Housing is the best place where I could see this happening. The kind of energy and fast pace of development of the company will help me explore my potential,” says Tapas. And for a change, he didn’t have pressure from the family which you so often hear. “No pressure at all! My family is very understanding and they know that whatever I do; I will succeed!” says Tapas enthusiastically. And kudos to the family for that!

Reminiscing about the first day, he says, “On my first day itself, I could feel that I was part of a team with a lot of energy and passion. The attitude of all the co-founders was awesome and there was a great vibe in the office.” He plans to work with for long and see it grow and achieve scale, Tapas is a strong pillar of the family.


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