YourStory Launches the “Pune Startup Pulse”


As they often say, India is a continent in itself. With diversity galore, every region has its own flavor. So is the case with startups! Bangalore is oriented towards technology while Mumbai is more of a financial hub. The differences aren’t very obvious but each region has their own set of characteristics.

And to startup in any city, it is very important to know the local nuances. A step in this direction, is launching the “PuneStartup Pulse” which is an online campaign to know the city better. We have been to the city with our Techsparks roundtables previously and have very recently been covering startups from the region as a focus (herehere and here). Intensifying the effort, we’re launching this survey which will help us further to understand the region and chart it out.

See our city specific infographics about Bangalore and NCR.

As a result of the campaign, we’ll come out with a detailed report about the startup ecosystem in Pune. And in the run up to the report, we’ll be carrying city specific articles for which contributions are also welcome.

Please take this survey! And get in touch with for suggestions, queries and inputs for the Pune Startup Pulse.


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