1000+ Student Developers code away to glory at India Hacks 2013


India Hacks 2013, an online hacking challenge conducted by YourStory.in and HackerEarth came to an end on 31 March, 2013. The 24-hour hacking challenge started at 9 pm IST on 30th March. While the challenges posed to participants were tough, they had much to cheer as there were lot of attractive goodies up for grabs for the winners.

The run up to the campaign was greeted very enthusiastically and over 1000 student developers from colleges from across India participated in the competition. There were 5 challenges and more than 8000 codes were submitted!

The challenges included in the competition were: Modify Sequence, Divide Apples, Lunch Boxes, Hex Game and Minimal combinatorial.

Looking at the language dexterity of the students, Sachin Gupta, founder of HackerEarth said, “We were really thrilled with the response we got. The quality of code written is testimony to the fact that India is full of really talented developers.” Here is a breakdown of the languages the students used:

The first prize is Rs 60,000 cash prize and the second prize winner gets a cool Rs 40,000 in cash. The top 10 developers also get a chance to spend time with some of the biggest tech firms in Bangalore. India Hacks has a studded mentor list and all the students will benefit immensely from the training they’ll receive.

A great boost for the developer ecosystem, India Hacks achieved what it had set out to do and assures many more such initiatives to enable talent in our country to come out and build truly global tech products.

Stay tuned for updates Here are the winners:

3) Nishant Damia says he loves programming and designing algorithms. He also cites that he has been selected for 2 month summer internship at Amazon. Even after facing hiccups in a few problem statements, he says it was indeed a lifetime experience for him after winning 3rd prize in IndiaHacks.

2) Gaurav Chand Katoch who finished 2nd in IndiaHacks is an active footballer. He is also the head of coding club at IIT Ropar. He also coded a way a free trip to Japan along with winning Rs. 10,000 through ‘Show your IT Talent Contest’. He says it is a unique contest where everyone has to improve their codes continuously to remain at the top in leaderboard.

3) Pulkit Goel who is currently pursuing his B.Tech and MS by Research in Computer Science at IIIT Hyderabad likes playing around with different technologies and writing random scripts to make life simpler. He candidly mentions that he doesn’t yet have any big achievements worth mentioning. He liked the fact that every game at IndiaHacks definitely had a winner which had made it even more interesting.


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