A video sharing website bringing instant search to YouTube- Yougle (YouTube+Google)

Thursday April 18, 2013,

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Yougle is a creation of a few like-minded geeks coming together and putting forth a product. Working at an MNC in Hyderabad, Vipul Mishra, Saurabh Bhatt, Manish Jha and Akhilesh Pratap have come up with this useful tool which allows the users to search better within YouTube.The idea with Yougle was simple, there's nothing world changing here. Yougle is a video sharing website that facilitates you to:

  • Allows instant search in YouTube/Facebook videos
  • Video preview of search results
  • Create- share playlist in one click

Yougle was an implementation of an idea the group got while discussing some of the issues they were facing while using YouTube. They got cracking and were able to come with a plausible solution on March 14th, 2013. Working during their leisure time, the group was able to execute the idea and launched it soon thereafter.

They've showcased Yougle at some of the technical competitions and are also listed on the Google Innovations. Yougle is probably the first step towards a larger vision. The group knows this and wanted to start out with Yougle to lay foundation to more to come in the future. Yougle is a simple to use tool which works. It gives you good recommendations and is able to search contextually with predictive results that wouldn't make you cringe.

"Going forward, you’ll see Android and IOS apps currently cooking in our kitchen available in the App market and I-store very soon. Apart from these, we’re in touch with VEVO, dailymotion , Vimeo and other reputed video portals to share their featured videos on our website," shares Vipul about their future.

Check out Yougle here.

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