[Culture Series] Got Need For Speed? Join RapidValue Solutions, a Fast Paced, Aggressive Startup



A recent Business Insider article listed 10 very rich companies that no one has ever heard of. These were predominantly software services companies, of which, some were valued at many billions of dollars. As sexy as software product companies are, there is an equally thriving services side to the software industry. However, the dynamics of the services industry have undergone changes in the recent past.

A lot of applications now require a mobile front and there is a rising need for companies which can provide mobility solutions. The mobile services industry is valued at a $100 billion and RapidValue is one of the leaders from India providing end-to-end mobility solutions for enterprise. With over 175 experts working out of their offices in Kochi, Bengaluru and California, this five-year old company will be looking to hire the best mobile talent at the YourStory Startup Jobs Fair.

Sirish, Rinish and Rajesh - founders of RapidValue

A work hard and party harder atmosphere

RapidValue solutions was started by three IT veterans who’ve had successful stints at various corporate conglomerates. The three young techie founders –

RapidValue team outing

Rajesh Padinjaremadam, Sirish Kosaraju, Rinish K N had about ten years of work-ex before they decided to startup on their own. Smartphone was introduced by Apple in 2007 and the team realized this will change the way people transact for their daily needs. Thus, RapidValue was formed to provide services to organizations that need to enable mobility for their workforce and consumers.

Much like their name, the company has also seen rapid growth since launch. Started with self-funding in 2008, the company has grown from 3 to over 175 employees in four and half years. The company has delivered over 200 projects, with 40+ customers worldwide (including Fortune 1000 companies).

In such a high growth organization, Rajesh Padinjaremadam, CEO, RapidValue Solutions, believes in providing his employees with an open and free atmosphere. He says, “RapidValue has an open and questioning culture where decisions are made based on the merit of the argument rather than seniority. Our company values the spirit of innovation and great ideas you provide and allows you to nurture your ideas by implementing it in the business”

While hiring, he believes the ability of the candidate to be a culture fit is just as important as their aptitude for the job. He says, “Apart from their knowledge in the respective fields, one key thing for us is the culture fit. The person should be prepared and ready to work for a company that likes to face challenges and enjoys working in a fast paced environment. Ability to work in a team is another important factor.”

Fun Time and a meritocracy driven culture

RapidValue has a very interesting blend of activities it religiously performs on a monthly basis to maintain a work life balance. For example, they have a monthly get together (on the last Thursday of every month) called ‘Pakalpooram’ (meaning daytime festival in Malayalam) where all the employees get together and play lots of games, perform role plays, sing songs. It also includes best performers at work as well as prizes for winners in the cultural programs

RapidValue Recruitment Drive

They also have a Sports club where employees actively participate in inter-company football, cricket, badminton etc. And quarterly contests where marketing team runs contests for various teams across the organization to allow everyone to understand the functions of other departments of the company.

There is little corporate hierarchy at RapidValue and everyone wears several hats depending on the need of the hour. The company believes in value generation as the key not just for its customers but even for the employees. “We believe in sharing the wealth you create with you. We nurture a culture that helps an individual grow in terms of his or her skills and ultimately the market value,” says Rajesh.

“Our hiring policy is aggressive, non-discriminatory, and favors ability and attitude over experience. This is a place where merit can take you places and will be valued as the single most important attribute.”

At the job fair, RapidValue Solutions will be looking for strong leaders with the right attitude and a willingness to work. Is that you? If so, sign up for the YourStory Startup Jobs Fair today. 


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