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It wasn’t so long ago that we started hearing about ‘go green’ campaigns and the impact it has on the environment. What then started off as a collective effort by few organizations and individuals soon spread all across the globe creating awareness and educating us on the impact of global warming. Very soon a lot of big MNC’s and even individuals started endorsing the ‘go green’ way of life and doing their bit to save the planet – “It was the simple thought of giving back my bit to the mother earth that inspired me to start off” – says Suresh Kumar, a Mechanical Engineer by profession and the founder of – “I have always wanted to venture into business, and has always been passionate about saving the environment and doing my bit. I noticed that very few people were actually aware of the importance recycling and saving our natural resources for a better future. It was the thought of creating this awareness and educating them for a cleaner, greener and better tomorrow that lead me into starting”

Suresh Kumar

Papers play an important part in our everyday lives and the amount of paper that is being wasted by us has increased by 3 fold compared to what it was 2 years ago. And it is child’s knowledge that the paper that we use daily comes from cutting down huge trees. In making one tone of fresh paper around 17 huge trees and 1500 liters of oil is used. That means the more we use paper, the more trees are cut by paper making industry in producing the paper to balance the requirement of paper in the market. – “The simple solution to this was to reduce the cutting of trees and recycling of the used and wasted papers. Keeping this in mind we decided to introduce our organization as the waste paper collector. As part of this initiative we are here to reduce the gap in paper recycling industry by increasing supply of waste paper to paper recycling mills.”

How it works is simple. Call up or even give a miss call to the toll free number 080-3008-8402, give your address and a convenient time for pickup, and team sends their pickup cab to collect your waste paper. The payment is as per the market price based on number of kilos that’s collected.

Being a startup, is currently mostly concentrates on households. “We would like to expand our services to bigger corporates, where the amount of paper that is wasted on a daily basis in the form of print outs & by other means is countless. Although most of the big MNC’s are already tied up or even have their own means for recycling their wastage papers – most of the smaller or even upcoming companies are not aware of the importance of recycling & reuse. It is this sector that we would like to educate and offer our services.” says Santosh.

Currently based out of Hyderabad and with a small team of 5 environmental enthusiasts, team’s biggest challenge is reaching out to a bigger crowd and creating awareness about their services and the positive impact that it can have on not just the individual firms but also to the society and the environment. Currently the mode of marketing is online, pamphlets and word of mouth. “We are still a small player in the industry and with the right kind of support and encouragement we plan to expand our services to other major cities of South India.” Says a very hopeful and enthusiastic Santosh.

The 3 R’s drive them – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. With its heart in the right place and a vision for a cleaner, greener, healthier environment team is surely you should count on to do your bit against global warming and to make our mother earth a beautiful better place to be.

Website: PaperWaste

– Jamia Hazeer


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