How Fucchas Are Making a Difference to Student & Corporate Life


Fuccha is a popular term used to refer to a ‘Fresher’ in Delhi University. That is also the name of Tarun Bhardwaj’s new venture which has been inspired by the popular word. Proposed by Tarun and agreed by his team, Fuccha team has people from different walks of life, all of whom shared the common dream of starting something fresh. The 14 enthusiast ‘fucchas’ of the venture “FUCCHAs” (team members) hail either from Delhi University or Indraprastha University, and have rich experience of working in the internet and corporate sector.


Fuccha aims to solve two problems, one on the corporate front and the other for college students. As students themselves, the team were all too familiar with the problems faced by a fresher in college – which is the best college, which form to fill, which course to choose, good places to hangout, where to find the notes, where to stay and this endless list continues. Today after two years of starting up since 2011, Fuccha has registered user base of 60,000+ whom they help find answer these questions through their online platform and helping them choose colleges over the phone giving a personal touch to communication.

On the corporate front, what Fuccha does is tie up with companies who want to target the youth for their product and services. Fuccha can help the company identify its target group for marketing a product, how to approach this group and the best way to reach them. In other words, Fuccha providing integrated marketing solutions for companies who want to target the youth in Delhi. The penetration in these universities and a filtered database helps them to serve the client's objective far better than other agencies. Tarun claims he has tied-up with various clients, corporate houses, and merchants for this service and he says their efforts have been well-appreciated. Presently they have Bizrise, a digital company as their client to whom they provide interns and serve them with a mailer service to promote their digital courses for students. Tarun shares that since all of are young with this start up, the biggest challenge they faced was that people didn’t take them seriously in the early stages.

Tarun takes care of the marketing and corporate activities of Fuccha. A Delhi University and Indraprastha University alumnus, Tarun has also worked with Snapdeal and Freecultr in the past and realized that he always wanted to be his own boss. When he is not marketing or handling corporate affairs for Fuccha, Tarun also serves chai and samosas to the team.

Fuccha depends on corporate for its revenues and Tarun promises they shall remain forever free for students. Their revenue generation depends on the services given to the corporate houses which include tie-ups for projects, interns, freelancers etc. Through these tie-ups, Fuccha also aims to increase footfalls in and around Delhi University and Indraprastha University campuses in PGs and Hostels who are also their clients.

Fuccha competes with the advertising and marketing agencies who want to connect with the youth to sell the product and services. While their services are quite popular, Fuccha t-shirts are also high in demand if this incident is anything to go by. Once during Diwali, Tarun received an SOS from his business development member Rajiv Dahiya, that some thieves were trying to steal his car, but before he could panic, he received another message that the thieves have run away with ten Fuccha t-shirts instead.

Presently Fuccha is focused on adding more colleges from NCR, but later plan to deliver their services across all colleges in India. They have the vision to become, “a common place to bring entire country’s youth together on a single platform,” says Tarun.


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