Keshiha, Where Two Businesses is Better Than One


Divyan Gupta knew that he had to come up with something different and bold, if he had to dent a make into the $15 Billion e-commerce market. So his idea was to put out two businesses rather than a single one under the roof of Keshiha. Keshiha sells home decoration through and latest electronic devices through

Divyan Gupta

Started in September 2012, Divyan strayed into entrepreneurship when he could not find good quality decor pieces for his new home. Today the artanddecors store sells cushions, paintings, frames and silverware embellished with Swarovski elements and high end fashion jewellery. Divyan is an MBA graduate from Hult International business school – Boston and earlier worked as part of the outsourcing business for Mphasis.

Explaining how artanddecors is different from other eCommerce ventures, Divyan says: “People shy away from buying pricey goods like paintings because they don’t know how it will look on their walls. We have a mechanism where a user can upload the picture of his wall and see how the painting will look on it.” This differentiator says Divyan gives them the edge in the market. In terms of product selection, Divyan and his team is constantly working to bring brands and products not available or rarely available in India. For instance, on art and décor side, the world famous Murano Glass products is sold on the site -- something not available anywhere in the country but one outlet in Delhi.

Gizmofashion was launched by Divyan in November 2012 and sells the latest high end electronic devices. The USP of gizmofashion is they want to sell products rarely visible elsewhere in India, for e.g. A R drone lens. Gizmofashion sell products from brands like Canon, 3M, Targus, Parrot and Zik. Divyan wants to position both the ventures in the as luxury retail space in India. When quizzed on having two brands, Divyan says: “First of all, the product range sold through both verticals are completely different. Secondly, having two different brands creates a value proposition for customers and brand partners. We want to be seen as a categorical retailer rather than selling all the items under one roof.”

Keshiha is a bootstrapped venture with a self funding of Rs 15 lakhs and is looking for angel funding. Both the sites work on a zero inventory model and have tied up with retailers for the products. Keshiha Services is also part of the Amity Innovation Incubator and associated with the Amity Art Foundation helping to commercialize, art of upcoming young artists. The team strength is six people and are based in New Delhi.

Divyan says the site sees two percent conversion of the total visitors who come to the site and he is sure they will break even in near future as the conversion rate increases. Divyan has taken to social media for cost effective marketing. Finally, Divyan shares his vision, “I want to see artanddecors to be the leader in home decor sector while gizmofashion should establish itself as a site to offer the most technologically advanced equipments in India.”


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