A look at iDubba's mobile app - why you might want to use it

You can use iDubba for movies, tv serials as well as live events

iDubba has launched its mobile app for the Android and iPhone platforms. It brings all the web application’s functions on a neat mobile app. We used the app for about a week, and any smartphone enabled TV and movie watcher would find this app very useful. With this app, you can make your personal TV Guide which will alert you according to your choice of programs, give recommendations based on your TV viewing pattern and will even tell you what your friends are watching.

How is this different from the scores of other TV guide apps?

On a basic functional level, not very different. Most apps have a comprehensive listing of Indian channels, their TV shows, which you can set alerts for. However, where iDubba wins is in providing a really good user experience. Also, it is by far one of the most powerful apps in its category. Here’s why we think so -

iDubba's powerful search options

1) Along with TV channels, the iAlert function can be applied for movies and live events as well. While there have been separate apps that do this, iDubba is one of the few apps that integrates these three forms of entertainment in a single app.

2) While setting an alert, the number of search filters that it has are many and very relevant. Along with the basic keywords, genre and language, iDubba has a neat feature which filters movies based on IMDB ratings. While setting movie alerts, one of the filters is TV premier of movies -- very thoughtful and useful features.

iDubba on iOS - A completely different app design

3) iDubba has a mini social network in itself. It uses the Facebook social graph to show your friends on Facebook who use iDubba. You can follow them on the platform, which allows you to see what alerts they’ve set. This makes discovery of TV shows a more personalized experience.

4) Because of their function, most apps in the category haven’t paid much attention to the post ICS design principles on Android. This is not the case with iDubba. The iPhone and Android apps are native to their respective platforms and have been designed to provide users with experience which they are used to. On Android, the iDubba is a complete Holo app, and the iPhone app looks and feels like any other good app in the iOS ecosystem.

The app is well integrated with the site. Changes on one environment reflects on the other.

Our Take - If you’re a TV/Movie/Event buff and want to stay on top of all the updates in the space, iDubba is a great app to have.

Download it today.


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