Meet the top 10 smartest student coders from India- Winners of IndiaHacks 2013

By Team YS|14th Apr 2013
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IndiaHacks 2013 organized this summer by YourStory and HackerEarth received an overwhelming participation of 1000+ participants, contributing to a whopping 8500+ code submissions ended on 31 March, 2013 after 24-hours starting at 9 pm IST on 30th March.

IndiaHacks was aimed to encourage and promote the "Hacking Culture" in India and to showcase the talent that India’s got! And we found out that we were right, it is amazing!

Have a look at the number of submissions made:

Submission Graph

The challenges included in the competition were: Modify Sequence, Divide Apples, Lunch Boxes, Hex Game and Minimal combinatorial.

Submission Analytics

IH Twitter Reach-1

Here is the list of top 10 coders at IndiaHacks, enlisted from bottom

10. Himanshu Singh

9. Surya Kiran Adury

8. Jaspreet Singh



7. Akashdeep Nain has Codechef long rank of 3rd place in India, Codeforces maximum rating of 1824 and 2nd in Abacus hosted by HackerEarth to his kitty. He remarks that IndiaHacks is a very good initiative with huge prize money and questions with nice difficulty levels which motivates a lot.




6. Smit Hinshu mentions that that competition was awesome. He says that he liked the ‘dividing apple’and the game "Hex" was awesome.





5. Piyush Kapoor an IIT BHU student enjoys solving programming puzzles and likes playing Table Tennis. He has participated in various competitions and is the proud owner of an Apple iPad and a Kindle. He states that he learnt many new things and the gruelling competition made him keep trying till the very end.




4. Abhishek remarks that he is a learner. He was ranked 5th in Hacker Rank in an All India Competition. He was also twice in top 20 in India in Codechef LONG and has ranking of 1358 (Blue) at TopCoder. He wants us to organize more competitions like IndiaHacks and mentions that he was awake for almost 20 Hrs enjoying the fun.




3. Nishant Damia says he loves programming and designing algorithms. He also cites that he has been selected for 2 month summer internship at Amazon. Even after facing hiccups in a few problem statements, he says it was indeed a lifetime experience for him after winning 3rd prize in IndiaHacks.




2. Gaurav Chand Katoch who finished 2nd in IndiaHacks is an active footballer. He is also the head of coding club at IIT Ropar. He also coded a way a free trip to Japan along with winning Rs. 10,000 through ‘Show your IT Talent Contest’. He says it is a unique contest where everyone has to improve their codes continuously to remain at the top in leaderboard.


And the Winner is,


1. Pulkit Goel who is currently pursuing his B.Tech and MS by Research in Computer Science at IIIT Hyderabad likes playing around with different technologies and writing random scripts to make life simpler. He candidly mentions that he doesn't yet have any big achievements worth mentioning. He liked the fact that every game at IndiaHacks definitely had a winner which had made it even more interesting.

The top two hackers, Pulkit and Gaurav, will receive a cash prize of 60k and 40k respectively. The prize list doesn't end here, all the top 10 hackers willalso receive an all expenses paid trip to Bangalore and an opportunity to tour the top tech global companies and spend some time in person with the mentors