Worried About Late Bill Payment & Fines? BillBaba Will Help You Keep Track

Amit Saxena

How often you have encountered a situation where you forgot to pay someone on time or forgot to return an item on its due date. Human tendency to forget is normal and over the years there have also been many helpers to help rectify this problem. Another such helper who can help you keep a tab on lending and borrowing that you may has done is Amit Saxena’s BillBaba.

BillBaba aggregates all your bill payment information at one place. One can set reminders for bill payments, maintain payment history and analyze spendings. Additionally, one can also set financial goals and Billbaba will save it for you. The user can also keep a track of the money he has given or borrowed. Amit believes with careful planning and organizing the most difficult looking financial goals can be achieved, but there is more to life than paying bills. In the present scenario in India, there are centralized online service/system to resolve bill payments, on the other hand offline services are widespread and disorganized. The long term vision of Billbaba is to become one stop solution for all your billing needs.

Managing your financials

New users of Billbaba have to sign up for the services. Facebook sign up is provided and that makes the process smooth. Next you have to add your phone number, if you wish to get the reminder on your phone. Alternatively you can also set an email notification. “The Manage” section gives you the option of working with your financials goals, calculate your goals or manage your lendings. Other features on the site give an overview of your spending and analyze them at the same time. This spending can be categorised by bill, category or time. 

The journey of BillBaba

Amit is a graduate from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) Allahabad in Information Technology in 2007.

Prior to BillBaba, he has worked in a couple of software jobs for around three and half years before plunging into the startup scene. “The satisfaction you get in nurturing a product from scratch, and guiding it through is immense. Believe me, what I have learnt in the last two years of my life is incomparable,” he says. For starting up Amit was very fortunate to get help from his family and friends, who helped him from designing a logo to proof reading content. “Startup is extremely difficult in India, and is generally socially unacceptable, but I have been lucky with it.” 

BillBaba will complete two years this June and currently 3000+ users use the platform. They have also sent over 43,000 SMS reminders and roughly around 63,000 emails. On Facebook their Fanbase is around 27,000.

As an early stage startup, attracting early adopters is quite difficult and initial users of BillBaba were people in Amit’s network. The usefulness of the product however attracted more customers. “It gradually spread by word of mouth, by people who found it really useful and saved money because we prevented them from defaulting a particular bill payment, and paying late fee,” shares Amit.

As services grow, bills grow and paying all of them on time is quite a hassle. But with tools like BillBaba, bill payment can be handled effectively and lives can be made simpler. We wish Amit all the best for the journey ahead.

Website: BillBaba