Zuby, the Indian Salary Portal that tells you what others are earning


Salaries are a touchy topic and pay cheques always make you curious. How much is he earning? How much pay hike must she be getting by making this move? All such questions are pretty natural and questions that make people curious innately. And Zuby feeds on this very basic jealousy driven human need.Zuby.in tries to answer all salary related issues at Indian companies. Currently a pet project of Varun Menghani, the site has been live since July 2012 and has garnered more than 300k pageviews till now. Varun, who has 6 years of work-ex in product and consulting firms backed by a business degree from IIM Lucknow and a bachelors in CS from Pune has developed Zuby with a couple of other friends.

"At Zuby.in, one can find answers to the most commonly asked questions during job search like 'How much salary can I get in a particular company/designation/location with my work-experience? and 'Am I being paid enough at my current job?'" says Varun. All the data currently on site has been crowdsourced and has a backedend check for abnormalities in terms of amounts being entered. As of now, there are more than 23k salaries and reviews of 773 designations across 1000+ Indian companies.

To kick it off, Zuby was populated with entries from public forums and from friends & contacts, post which the growth has been organic. Globally, PayScale is a counterpart which offers a lot more intelligence and this is probably the product roadmap for Zuby as well. Nationally, it finds competition from SalaryKhoj and Jobiness but Varun believes there's a lot of scope of improvement in terms of usability. Also, most of them require a lot of login credentials. "The vision is to make Zuby the 'To-go' career site for anyone looking for a job in India. Each of the current alternatives available today has certain shortcomings, primarily because of the focus on revenue over quality," says Varun.

Started with salaries and career development articles, the plan is to include interview questions as well. Post that, monetization options like job postings, salary bench-marking reports, career services like resume writing etc. can come into picture.

Go, snoop around at Zuby (the name was taken just because it sounds catchy and the domain was available)

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