Google rolls out redesigned Play Store for all 4.2 and above Android Devices; Sign of things to come?


For all those who opened their Android phones' app store, Google Play, you would have been pleasantly welcomed to a radically different design and layout, with a subtle message from Google saying, "we have changed a few things around here."

Google has begun to roll out a new and improved version of the Google Play Store to Android phones across the world. We can confirm that the rollout has begun for all Android devices running Android 4.2. There has been no official statement regarding this from Google as yet.

Here are some interesting design changes that we have noticed -

The new home page

1) More weightage to movies and books - The top part of the screen on the new app store provides equal emphasis to Google Movies and Books. These services were recently launched for the Indian audience.

App are listed in single file

2) More web like theme - Google seems to have done away with the dark theme which was prevalent through most of Android's updates since Android 2.x. The new play store on the phone looks a lot like the web version, with a predominant white and green theme.

3) Larger icons - While the books and movies have portrait style icons, which was already there in the older play store, the app icons are much larger. The layout on the top lists are single file as opposed to grids of two, while trending and home screen for the app section are laid out in grids of three.

The movies list

4) Much smoother - The laggy Play Store woes are long gone. From the transitions to the way it scrolls, this is a much better, faster app. The experience has complimented the eye candy very well.

The Timing 

The books list

The timing of this launch is very interesting. With Google I/O less than a few weeks away, there are speculations that Google will announce the launch of Android 5.0, key lime pie. Could this be the app store made for it? will be at Google I/O and we will keep you updated with all the latest happenings as it happens. Stay tuned.

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