"Being negative is not how we make progress," Larry Page at Google I/O 2013

Larry Page at Google I/O 2013

The keynote address at Google I/O 2013 was undoubtedly an incredible experience. While Google made some breathtaking announcements about new products and number of users, what remained with me is the talk by Larry Page.

Some of the key messages from his talk worth pondering over -

Being negative is not how we make progress, everything is not a zero sum game.

Open standards and reciprocal approach will lead to an evolved tech world, interoperation needs to exist, in the process grows the whole eco-system (and not just take)

Collaboration and speed is needed to evolve technology at a much faster pace than currently what is happening

India and other geographies in the east are evolving much faster than we can imagine, mobile is driving the change

People are starving in the world not because we do not have enough food but because we are not organised

Young people need to get involved in studying engineering, maths and sciences

Larry Page radiated an optimism saying, "we have hit only 1 percent of what we are capable of producing (honestly the announcements before his talk, especially the massive earth image in the background made it hard to believe that it's just the beginning :-) ), his humility while taking questions from the audience was very inspiring and clearly demonstrated what makes him the head of a global tech giant.

Image Courtesy: Business Insider 


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