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Online marketing is not a matter of choice today, it is a necessity for startups. With the customers consuming content online and social media networks being the virtual homes for people, no business can afford ignoring it. Startups generally have small teams and limited time and resources with which they have to make do for online marketing campaigns; of course apart from everything else that needs to be done. They try being active, keep posting content and everything and anything that they think might work.

Aware of this fact, the husband wife duo of Unmana Datta and Nilesh Bhojani have come up with Markitty. It is a SaaS tool that recommends online marketing actions based on the marketing activities and results, intends to make online marketing campaigns easy, efficient and affordable for startups. It pulls data from the statistics from Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics, and makes recommendations based on it.Unmana has an experience of 7 years in online marketing and Nilesh has worked in IT and business consulting for small businesses. Virendra Rajput, the mind behind developing Markitty, is a student at Cusrow Wadia Institue of Technology and is a self taught Python developer.

The inspiration behind Markitty stems from practical work experience. Unmana says “I used to make a lot of Excel reports after analyzing the online marketing campaigns at the end of the month and recommending the changes that need to be done. It used to take 2-3 days to do this and I wished for a tool that would do it me.”

The team has spent much of the last nine months talking to and working with small businesses in India to know their challenges in the online marketing domain and have tried to overcome them with Markitty. It is currently free in its beta version with 30 signups in one month and is planned to be launched in late June this year. It will be a subscription based service for small businesses.

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